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College of Christian Counseling Major Curriculum


Comprehensive Christian Counseling Independent Study/*(A course requirement for all doctorate level students enrolled in the College of Christian Counseling)


COUTOP640 T.O.P. THE olive PRESS with workbook/independent study

Counseling Therapeutic Communication and Techniques

COU684.1DBasic Components, Helper Qualities, and Attending Skills                                                                                                                      

COU684.2DOpening, Questioning, and Use of Silence                                                                      

COU684.3DResponding and Closing  

AACC- Christian Counseling Major Electives

Introduction to Biblical Counseling Courses

BCOU121Becoming a Biblical Counselor                                    

BCOU122Using Your Spiritual Gifts in Counseling                     

BCOU123Helping Others Find Significance in Life                                     

BCOU124The Power of Truth                                                                         

BCOU125Overcoming Depression                                                 

BCOU126Surviving Sexual Abuse: On the Threshold of Hope

Faith and Life Biblical Counseling Courses-

BCOU221The Effective Helper                                                                      

BCOU222Bringing People into God's Presence                                            

BCOU223How to Help People Change                                                                         

BCOU224Heart Matters: Repentance and Godly Sorrow                                         

BCOU225Forgiveness:  Letting Go of the Past and Pain                           

BCOU226Freedom in Christ: Life in Abba's Arms                     

Marriage and Family Biblical Counseling Courses-

BCOU321Marriage: Keeping the Love Alive                                                               

BCOU322Guilt: Love's Unseen Enemy                                                        

BCOU323Great Sex:  A Biblical Perspective                                                

BCOU324Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling                                           

BCOU325Divorce Recovery: Starting Over Again                      

BCOU326Caught in the Middle: Children and Divorce                             

Challenging Issues in Biblical Counseling-

BCOU421What Would Jesus Think and Do?                               

BCOU422Ethical and Legal Issues (Required)                                            

BCOU423Family Systems: Breaking Unhealthy Patterns

BCOU424Sexual Issues:  Affairs, Homosexuality, Intimacy Roadblocks, Dysfunctions

BCOU425Pain and Suffering: Helping People in a Hurting World

BCOU426Breaking the Bonds of Sexual Addiction                   

Emerging Issues in Biblical Counseling-

BCOU521Managing Stress and Anxiety                                                                       

BCOU522Grief and Loss                                                                                                  

BCOU523Psychiatric Care and Medication                                                                                                                                           

BCOU524The Helper's Chair: Special Skills and Practice

BCOU525Financial Bondage: Strategies for Freedom                               

BCOU526Anger Management                                                                        

N.C.C.A. Courses:

For Christian Counseling Students:

* C.E.U.  is a National Christian Counselors Association (N.C.C.A.) Certified Academic Institution/College (CAI) and uses N.C.C.A.'s curriculum.  Before a student's graduation, C.E.U. will train those who have the call to Christian Counseling by providing the training, materials, and curriculum from N.C.C.A. opportunity to become APS (Arno Profile System) Certified and obtain membership with S.A.C.C. (Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling) S.A.C.C. of Sarasota, Florida.  This training, certification and licensure will equip C.E.U. students to help more people because they will learn a Christian-based counseling technique that is over 90% successful.  This training will be non-denominational.  Upon completion of this training students can:

-Submit evidence of successful completion of the training and receive a grade transcript along with the appropriate fees and qualify for membership in the S.A.C.C. and become A.P.S. Certified.

-Receive full credit for the course from the National Christian Counselors Association (N.C.C.A.) toward their requirements for license as a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor or as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor. For doctorate level student there counseling licensure will be "Advanced Certified."


PHASE I Curriculum

CCOU 531Basic Christian Counseling

CCOU 532Temperament Theory

CCOU 513Testing/Measurements

CCOU 534Temperament Therapy

CCOU 535Christian Psychology and Counseling

PHASE II Curriculum                                                                                                                                                     

CCOU 631Mastering Pastoral Counseling

CCOU632Temperament Case Studies

CCOU633Counseling the Codependent

PHASE III Curriculum

 N.C.C.A. Continuing Education Courses and Board Certification Areas/Curriculum

{Note: you must complete Temperament Case Studies prior to beginning work on any other Advanced Continuing Education (C.E.) course}

CCMF830Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy
CCMF831Marriage and Family Counseling an Integrated Approach

CCMF832Integrated Temperament Couple Therapy 

CCMF833Pre-Marriage Counseling with Temperament 
CCMF834The Father-Daughter Connection

CCCA830Child and Adolescent Therapy

CCCA831Counseling Families

CCCA832Counseling and Children

CCCA833Counseling Youth

CCCA834Counseling and the Search for Meaning

CCSA830Substance Abuse and Addiction Therapy

CCSA831Counseling for Substance Abuse and Addiction

CCSA832Counseling Adult Children of Alcoholics

CCSA833Counseling for Problems of Self-Control

CCSA834Counseling Those with Eating Disorders

CCCTC830Board Certified Temperament Therapist

CCCTC831Temperament Case Studies

CCCTC832Life's Answers Through Counseling With God

CCCTC833Living in the Spirit-Utilizing Temperament

CCCTC834Counseling the Codependent: A Christian Perspective Utilizing Temperament

CCST830Sexual Therapy

CCST831Counseling for Sexual Disorders

CCST832Counseling and Homosexuality

CCST833Counseling for Problems of Self-Control

CCST834Counseling for Unplanned Pregnancy AND Infertility

CCDG830Death and Grief Therapy

CCDG831Counseling the Sick and Terminally Ill

CCDG832Counseling the Anger

CCDG833Joy-In the Midst of Mourning or Counseling the Depressed

CCDG834Counseling Families of Children with Disabilities

CCCTE830Cognitive Therapy and Ethics

CCCTE831Cognitive Therapy Techniques

CCCTE832Life's Answers Through Counseling With God

CCCTE833Quality, Ethics, and Legal Issues in Christian Counseling

CCCTE834Innovative Approaches in Counseling

CCCA830Crisis and Abuse Therapy

CCCA831Counseling for Family Violence/Abuse

CCCA832Counseling in Times of Crisis

CCCA833Counseling in Anger

CCCA834Counseling the Depressed

CCDV830Domestic Violence and Intervention Therapy

-Applicant must hold a Masters degree or higher, be licensed by the N.C.C.A. and the Board Certified in Crisis Abuse Therapy as well as completing the following:

CCDV831Temperament Case Studies

CCDV832Counseling for Substance Abuse and Addiction 
CCDV833Counseling for Problems of Self Control
CCDV835Counseling and Self-Esteem

 CCGT960Group Therapy

-Applicant must hold a Masters degree or higher, be licensed by N.C.C.A. and be Board Certified in Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy in order to qualify for this specialty area of Board Certification.  Then, he/she must complete one additional course titled Group Therapy.