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This institution offers

1.) Certificates -3 Credit Unit Earnings

2.) Certificate of Completion programs 12+ Credit Unit Earnings in a specified area of theological study

**Special Masters Degree Program: Master of Divinity with Certificate of Completion in Chaplaincy 

Special Trainings
College of Ministerial Studies

N.C.C.A. Curriculum and Academy Training {distance learning and classroom requirements}
Specialized Ministerial Training License Course with Catechism for Licensing.

Our main purpose is to provide quality training for pastors and mature Christians who believe God called them to the ministry of Christian counseling and make available credentials that the community (Christian and non-Christian) will recognize. C.E.U. has established Ministerial Studies offering a course in Ministerial Training with Catechism Examination for Licensure for students who need credentials and covering under the organizational Lighthouse Christian Counseling and Outreach Center, Inc. (LCCOC).

Benefits to Students:

-Students will receive a Certificate of Completion and may participate in the semi-annual commencement exercise-

-Students will receive an 81/2 x11 Ministerial License-

-Students will receive a wallet size Ministerial License {renewed annually with LCOCC}

-Students will be prepared to perform basic ministerial services. 

-Students are exempt from the Catechism Examination if a degree is successfully completed at C.E.U.  Students will receive non-advanced credentials, because students are exempt from catechism testing from earning a theological degree.  

Program Description- Offered By LCCOC-C.E.U.:

This course will educate, train, prepare, equip, enhance, and impart to students who have a call and commission to ministry and is seeking credentials as an ordained or non-ordained license through the Credentialing Board of Directors of the Lighthouse Christian Counseling and Outreach Center, Inc.- (LCCOC) founded February 1, 2001. Ministers who complete this course will have a comprehensive knowledge base on the general "Ministerial Services," in which are needed and demanded in ministry today.

Specific Entrance Requirements


-A call to ministry/ecclesiastical endorsement 

-Must be commissioned by God

-Must be endorsed by a church/organization

-Qualified spiritually, morally, intellectually, and emotionally to serve

-Must be an adult  - 18 years an older

As with our Biblical Studies and Ministry programs, costs and requirements are identified upfront, and you pay for your courses and fees as you go through the program.

Upon completion of degree requirements, you will receive your degree in Clinical Christian/Pastoral Counseling from C.E.U. and you can be licensed by LCCOC or the NCCA, the world's largest Christian licensing association.





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