General Bible Knowledge

General Bible Knowledge – 60 Credit Units


General Bible Knowledge is required for all undergraduate students. Students must be enrolled into the university to earn the 60 credit units.  The tuition cost for this course is separate and in addition to the enrollment fee.  This independent study project must be completed prior to entering unto desired major.


CRN: THBP1600 General Bible Knowledge Studies [GBK] (60 C.U.)


Three Comprehensive Independent Study Options:


Option I—500 Questions |Bible Knowledge Examination (Open Bible)

Option II—General Bible Knowledge Equivalent Course—GBKEC (Open Books |Evangelical Training Association—ETA, Wheaton, Illinois 60189 U.S.A)

Option III—General Bible Knowledge Option—Apostolic Doctrine (Open Bible with workbook)**


This independent study can be a certificate of completion course or 60 credit units in partial fulfillment of an undergraduate degree.  For more information or questions regarding this independent study contact Capstone Excelsior University.








Independent Studies, Book Research, and Testing Projects

CRNCourse Title Options: I, II, III


THBP1600General Bible Knowledge 500 Questions Equivalency/Entrance Examination                                 

THBP1600General Bible Knowledge ETA Textbook       

THBP1600General Bible Knowledge Textbook and Workbook Examination**


Option III—General Bible Knowledge Option (Apostolic Doctrine): Author: Bishop Dr. Willie J. Duncan**


GBK is Required for all undergraduate students—60 Credit Units

General Bible Knowledge – Outline Description of Option III

Begin answering the questions starting on pages 11 through 29 of your test book submitted typed, single sided and bounded to earn you 60 Credit Units.  No Course Credit Unit Earning Form—CCUE Form #2020 is needed for this project:


  1. Introduction
  2. Age and Dispensation
  3. Characters Study
  4. How to Study the Bible
  5. The Seven Speeches of the Bible
  6. Covenants
  7. Seven Feasts of The Lord Compared with The Seven Days of Creation


  1.         THE WORD IS TRUTH:
  1. The Godhead
  2. Is The Father God?
  3. Is Jesus God?
  4. The Holy Ghost is God
  5. Understanding the Godhead
  6. God's Names


  1.        PROPHECY:
  1. Church History
  2. Typology
  3. Fundamental Doctrine of Salvation
  4. Sinology
  5. Satan's I Wills
  6. God's I Wills
  7. The Prophecy of Daniel


  1.        REVELATION
  1. Introduction
  2. Revelation Explained
  3. Seven Stages of Church History
  4. Ephesian Age
  5. Apostolic Warnings
  6. The Smyrnian Age
  7. The Pergermian Age
  8. The Council of Nicea
  9. The Thyatirian Age
  10. The Ante-Nicene Fathers
  11. Bible Translations
  12. The Sardian Age
  13. The Philadelphian Age
  14. The Laodician Age
  15. Baptism in Jesus' Name


Tuition Cost: $300.00

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