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Capstone Excelsior University, LLC – C.E.U.

A private postsecondary and vocation educational degree granting institution for the adult learner


Motto: "Ever Upward… Even Higher" ~ Prepare yourself for a successful ministry! ~


DBAs: C.E.U.



Purpose and Mission Statement:

The purpose of this theological university is to offer training in ministry.  The mission of C.E.U. is intended for educating, training, preparing, equipping, enhancing and imparting to those who have a call to Christian Ministry.  Our Christian Educational Services are for Christian and ministerial purposes only and is non-secular in purpose, design and content.




From the Lighthouse Christian Counseling and Outreach Center, Inc.—L.C.C.O.C.'s Christian Education entity vision the Lighthouse Academy for Christian Counseling and Seminary, LLC—L.A.C.C. was emerged and founded by the founder Dr. Melveena D. Edwards on February 1, 2014.  L.A.C.C. became a California Limited Liability Corporation on February 6, 2014 with a Motto:  ~prepare yourself for a successful ministry! ~


In reflecting divine refinement in this growing industry/vision/mission; and in delivering "excellence in service" in the area of "higher education" on October 26, 2016 the name of the institution was changed to Capstone Excelsior University, LLC – C.E.U. – a private postsecondary educational degree granting institution for adult learners. Now with a Motto: "Ever Upward… Even Higher" ~Prepare yourself for a successful ministry! ~ This institution now possesses the DBAs as C.E.U.:


This theological institution was developed for students to gain knowledge and education to: (a)  prepare for a successful ministry, (b) choose a degree with an emphasis for his or her own learning style—(distance learning, correspondence, global online courses, and classroom learning options), (c) earn a degree in theological studies, Christian counseling, or ministerial studies, (d) become a certified Christian counselor, (e) become a licensed Christian, clinical, or pastoral counselor, and (f) obtain ministerial training with catechism for licensing and ordination.


C.E.U. is commissioned for ministry in imparting • educating • training • preparing • equipping • enhancing others called to ministry.


C.E.U. is an affordable degree granting theological institution and seminary providing private postsecondary and vocational Christian education for the busy adult.


C.E.U. is a National Christian Counselors Association—NCCA, Certified Academic Institution—CAI in 2004.

C.E.U. specializes in the area of Christian Counseling.  As well, C.E.U. provides general Christian education for students who have a desire to achieve a higher education in the area of Theological Studies or Ministerial Studies who have been unable to accomplish education in a traditional format.




C.E.U.'s Eight Links to Success | "For Your New Beginning"


C.E.U. has established strategic guidelines for each student's SUCCESS in ministry and in preparing him or her for a successful ministry. These guidelines are contained within EIGHT LINKS to SUCCESS as follows:


Link One| University Objectives

At the end of graduation the C.E.U. student will:

  1. Understand the meaning of the five-fold ministry and need for perfecting the saints
  2. Understand the need for effective ministry and its powerful results
  3. Be educated, trained, prepared, equipped, enhanced, empowered, and experience impartation to do exploits through knowing God and His Word
  4. Gain knowledge of the necessary ingredients, attributes and fruitful leadership qualities for a successful ministry.


Link Two| University Expected Outcomes

  1. After attending C.E.U. individuals will be able to use the tools learned and taught by the Holy Ghost/Spirit and adjunct faculty.
  2. After attending C.E.U. individuals will be educated, trained, prepared, equipped, enhanced, empowered, and will receive impartation or various ministries that God has called him or her to fulfill.


Link Three| University Vision Statement


The Holy Bible/Scripture

Our vision is empowering globally through education based upon the commitment to the spirit of excellence in customer service contributing in theological, ministerial, and counseling studies, and in working together for the whole body of Christ.


Link Four| University Purpose and Goals Statement

Educational Purpose

The primary purpose of this theological university is to offer training in ministry.  The mission of C.E.U. is intended for educating, training, preparing, equipping, enhancing and imparting to those who have a call to Christian Ministry.  Our Christian Educational Services are for Christian and ministerial purposes only and is non-secular in purpose, design and content.

The secondary purpose and goal of C.E.U. is to educate, train, prepare, equip, enhance, and impart to individuals for their call within the five-fold ministry: "For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ:"


Educational Goals

  1. To provide quality and systematic undergraduate and graduate programs of studies that will equip and enhance individuals for the Christian ministry, and other professional careers of their choice.
  2. To assist students in the development of "Individual Guidance Plans (IGP) to facilitate optimal learning commensurate with their interest and abilities.
  3. To support each student with a highly qualified educational team consisting of an advisor, mentor, adjunct faculty member, and the administrative staff.
  4. To help prepare individuals to fulfill the Scriptures: St. Matthew 28:19-20 and I Timothy 2:2.


Link Five| University Mission Statement


Capstone Excelsior University, LLC- C.E.U. is a university led by a governing Board of Trustee, Administrative Staff, and Associate Adjunct Faculty. We are guided by the "Word of God," and the apostles' doctrine according to Acts 2:42 that will provide advanced specialized higher learning in theological studies/education that is within the five-fold ministry, to educate, train, prepare, equip, enhance, and encourage individuals (ministers) for their call. 


Link Six| University Motto

"Ever Upward … Even Higher … Preparing Yourself for a Success Ministry"

-Overseer Melveena D. Edwards, Ph.D. Founder, Chancellor, and Manager


"The Spirit of God gives unto you wisdom, revelation, and knowledge.  For the people that do know God shall be strong and do exploits" (Daniel 11:28b, KJV).


Link Seven| University Philosophy Statement


"The Academic Program Challenge:" C.E.U.'s philosophy is surrounded by the academic program challenge of preparing others for a successful ministry through educating, training, preparing, equipping, enhancing, and imparting to the individual called to ministry—for the up-building and advancement of God's Kingdom.  Each candidate's curriculum is individually designed and tailored to meet the student's Christian education, ministerial, professional goals or Christian calling.  C.E.U. offers a variety of required of core courses, electives, research projects, independent studies, internships, practicum, laboratory, and clinical opportunities to meet the various needs of the individual student. 


University Philosophy Statement:   

God's people are destroyed because of lack of lack o knowledge.  We must "study to show our self (thyself) approved unto God, a workman that needed not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (II Timothy, 2:15, KJV).  C.E.U. provides advanced theological education based upon the assessed needs of the five-fold minister, and body of Christ.  The reason for this is to:


  • Seek and bridge the gaps to salvation, thus; assist in up-building the Kingdom of God.
  • Deliver and coordinate educational needs for the minister


It is C.E.U.'s persuasion or philosophy that this university will make THE positive difference in the "Body of Christ" based upon OUR objectives, expected outcomes, vision, purpose, goals, mission, motto, and philosophy stances.


Successful completion of the individual learning agreement requires:


-Full commitment by the learner

-Rigorous program of study

-Intensified program of study

-Systematized program of study


The learner must be:


-Goal oriented

-Highly motivated

-Able to take full responsibility for achieving his or her educational goals


Before a student enrolls into C.E.U., it is vital to do a self examination to determine if the challenges of attending the university can and will be met during that present time-frame of his or her life.


Link Eight| Our University Scriptural Command, Foundation and References


C.E.U. is governed by The Holy Bible (KJV).  Our "General Scriptural Command" references are:


II Timothy 2:15

Ephesians 2:20; 4:11-13;

I Corinthians 12:27-31

Capstone Excelsior University, LLC – "Ever Upward"


A capstone is a stone affixed on top of something typically a wall or building.  A capstone is deemed as a coping stone, the high point, crowning achievement {the capstone of his or her career}, and a finishing stone of a structure.


A capstone is an architectural term denoting the top stone in a building or wall, and if it caps an arch it is called a keystone or cornerstone.


Capstone for CEU shutterstock_92617270

Capstone Educational Experience – "Ever Upward"


A capstone experience is a culminating project or a senior exhibition.  A capstone project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students, typically during their final year of school or learning pathway experience.  The capstone experience solidifies your higher educational achievement.


This capstone experience may include a thesis or dissertation project(s) of a wide variety of forms requiring research in critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision making—in this case the field of ministerial functions or Biblical Theology.


C.E.U. is governed by The Holy Bible (KJV).  Our "Foundational Scriptural Command" references are:


Old Testament –


Psalm 118:22


Zechariah 4:7


Old Testament –


St. Matthews 21:42


St. Mark 12:10


St. Luke 20:17


Acts 4:11


I Peter 2:7


Attending Capstone Excelsior University, LLC will become the key to an individual's educational goal by an "ever upward" and "even higher" experience in building upon a theological foundation for ministry.



By Overseer Melveena D. Edwards, Ph.D.


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"Ever Higher… Even Higher"

~Preparing Yourself for a Successful Ministry~

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The Five-Fold Ministry

Ephesians 4:11 • I Corinthians 12:27-31