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Internships and Practicum {IP}

Numbering of Courses

Courses numbered 0-100 are nonbaccalaureate level and those numbered 100-299 are in the lower division (freshman and sophomore years); those numbered 300 -499 are in the upper division (junior and senior years) and intended for undergraduates; those 500-599 are in the upper division and are also acceptable for advanced degrees when taken by students admitted to graduate standing; those numbered 600-799 are graduate courses; and those numbered 800-899 are doctoral courses and are reserved for graduate courses in certain curricula as part of advanced certificate, credential, and licensure programs and are specifically intended for students admitted to the university with post-baccalaureate classified standing.

The acronyms "CRN" is an abbreviation for the words "Course Reference Number:" The CRN reflects the follow: (1.) The letters- reflects the college, department or program. (2.) The first number- reflects the level of academic study. (3.) The second number- reflects the credits units in which can be earned for the successful completion of the course, and (4.) The third number- reflects which part the course is covering or how many parts there are to this course. Example: CRN-HIS.132- This is interpreted as: Course Reference Number- History, nonbaccalaureate level, 3 credit units can be earned and there are 2 parts or classes to this course. 

The Credit Units or Credit Hours

In the listing of courses that follow, the second figures addressed in the CRN or after each course sometimes in parentheses indicate the unit value of the course.  One unit or credit hour represents about 50-60 minutes of recitation or lecture, together with the required preparation, or three hours of laboratory/internship/practicum work or two hours of activities, each week for one quarter (13 weeks) of studies.  {Comprehensive summary: One credit unit is equivalent to 13-14 hours of class time or independent research study, 30 hours of laboratory/internship/practicum work or 45 hours of field/ministerial work}.

Quarter in which Courses Are Offered

C.E.U. operates on four-quarter bases: {Volume I- Fall, Volume II- Winter, Volume III- Spring and Volume IV- Summer Quarter}. The "Volume" encompasses all the courses that are taken that quarter, completed, and entitles of all work submitted to the institution in the proper format. In the listing of courses that follows it is encouraged that students exam each quarter to know when the course they plan to take is offered. The following is an example of course and designated credit and quarter:

Volume I - Fall CRN: FFM150 Five-Fold Ministry (5) Credit Units

See "Education" tab for certificates, certificate of completion, and degree programs

Each enrolled student will have: (a) a customized "major" degree grid, (b) a "Five-Fold Ministry Advanced Specialty Core Curriculum-Lower Division Electives supplemental grid"-Form #2014,* (c) a relevant college Curricula outline, and (d) facility assistance in devising an educational individual guidance plan for each students to reach their educational goals.

*C.E.U. offers a "Five-Fold Ministry Advanced Specialty Core Curriculum-Lower Division Electives (usually 9-45 C.U. depending on degree program) to prepare each five-fold minister (Apostle, Prophet/prophetess, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher) for successful ministry. These courses are outlined for each student on the C.E.U. Official Supplemental-Form #2014, and are provided during the admission process. The Curricula by the Division of the Five-Fold Ministry are required courses.He

alth and Wellness

CRN= Course Reference Number 

Advanced Specialty Core Curriculum Courses


CRN            Course Title                    ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________                             

GO111General Orientation

HEAL110HIV/AIDS Awareness                     

UFC111Comprehensive Resume Writing                      

LIFEPR100Life Portfolio (Resume/Life Credits)

UFC112(IGP)Individual Guidance Plan        

UFC113Credit Unit Summary Writing                           

UFC414University Transcript Writing                                            

UFC530 Thesis and Dissertation Writing I, II, and III                                

LAN630Hebrew Language I (Introduction)                                   



FFM150Five-Fold Ministry                                                                  

BIB130Introduction to the Bible                                        

MINE130Pulpit Etiquette                                                     

MINH330Homiletics I: Art of Preaching                          

THAD230Apostolic Doctrine                                                           

EDUC530New Members Training                                      


MIN130Church Leadership                                                                

HIST130Ecclesiology I (Church History)                      

HISTJC230Jewish Customs I - Introduction                                   

STEW130Stewardship I                                                                        

EDUC130Introd. to Christian Education I        

DOCS130Doctrine of Salvation                                                          

MINPW130Praise and Worship                                                                          

DEM130Demonology I Introduction and Origin (Deliverance)

COUC130Christian Counseling I                                         

COUM132Marriage Counseling II                 

COUT435Counseling Techniques and Interventions I                                                                                 

COUES327Christian Counseling Code of Ethical Standards 

COUTOP640 T.O.P. THE olive PRESS with workbook/independent study

HERM230Hermeneutics I                                                                                               

BIB120Beginners Books of the Bible                            

HISR1130Old Testament Research - The Tabernacle

ENGC130English Composition                                                                           

LAN630Practical English I                                                               

COMP130 Introduction to Computer Systems                                

ADMA130Basic Accounting                                                               

ADMP630Principles of Church Administration                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

ADMC330Church Administration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              THE141Greater Works (The Life of Christ/Gospel Books)


THEP430Poetry I (Job)   



Advanced Specialty Core Curriculum Courses


CRN  Course Title                      _________________________________________________             

HEAL112HIV/AIDS Awareness II                                     

STEW132Stewardship II                                                                                       

DEM132Demonology II -Basic Study (Deliverance)

MIN230Gifts of the Spirit/Believer                                     

THFA120Theology of Faith                                                                                  

PAUE230Pauline Epistles (Romans-Philemon)                                                 

LAN632Hebrew Language II (Advanced)                    

GRE630Greek Language                                                        

LAN632Practical English II                                                                  

BIB132 Bible Markings                                                        

HEALM230Introduction to Health Ministry                    


MINE230Personal Evangelism                                                                            

COUF133Family Counseling III                                     

COUC334Crisis Counseling IV                                                        

COUT435Counseling Techniques and Interventions Part II -Introduction to A.P.S.

COUTOP640 T.O.P. THE olive PRESS with workbook/independent study

GENE230General Epistles (Hebrews-Jude)                                        

WOR130Worship {Personal and Congregational}

MINP330Pastoral/Overseer Care

ADMGW223Grant Writing

ADMBM134Basic Business Math

ADMF430Financial Stewardship

EDUC32Christian Education II

HERM232Hermeneutics II

MINH332Homiletics II (Advanced and IP)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

MINBER430Issues in Death and Dying (Bereavement, Eulogy and Role of the Clergy)                                                                                                                                                

COC-CHAP1120Chaplaincy Course

HISTJC232Jewish Customs II

THEP432Poetry II (Psalms-Proverbs)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Advanced Specialty Core Curriculum Courses


CRN        Course Title                                    _____________________________________         

HEAL113HIV/AIDS Awareness III                                                 

MINA230Altar Working                                                                     

DEM233Demonology III- Advanced (Deliverance)

HERM233Hermeneutics III                                                              

MIN550Church Evangelism                                                               

HEALM232Advanced Health Ministry                                            

LAN633Hebrew Language (Accelerated)                         

LAN633Practical English                                                                    

CRNHISLF560Levitical Feasts                                                       

BIB520 Philippians                                                                                              

MINP430Pastoral Psychology and Counseling                            

MINPL530Pastoral Leadership and Church Management

COMP230Basic Data Systems                                                           

ADMPW430Proposal Writing                                                          

ADMFR435Fund Raising/Basic Marketing                      

ADMCF630Church Finances                                                              


EDUC333Christian Education III                                     

PSYCA330Abnormal Psychology                                                                   

COUT435CounselingTechniques III - Pain/Suffering                                                                                                                                                                                                                

COULAW526Ethical and Legal Issues VI  

COUTOP640 T.O.P. THE olive PRESS with workbook/independent study                                     

COU5120Clinical Counseling Symposium                       

EDC6120Dissertation and Oral Defense Prep

EDC6121Teaching Practicum                                                         

MIN5125Pastoral Administration Practicum                                                   

THEP433Poetry III (Ecclesiastes-Song of Solomon)

HISTJC233Jewish Customs III   


Advanced Specialty Core Curriculum Courses


CRN        Course Title                    ___________________________________________           

HEAL114HIV/AIDS Awareness IV                                                                      

GENPS130Public Speaking                                                                                      

EDUC434Advanced Christian Education IV                                       

ADMC432Advanced Church Administration and Management Skills II

ADMCM530Principles of Church Management                                 

THER430Revelation the Apokalypsis (Unveiling and Prophesy)                                                                                    

MINPROP330Personal Prophesy                                                                             

DEM234Demonology IV - Accelerated (Deliverance)

HERM234Hermeneutics IV                                                                

COUT435Counseling Techniques and Interventions IV (C.C. Care Planning)

COUTOP640 T.O.P. THE olive PRESS with workbook/independent study

HISTJC234Jewish Customs IV -Advanced  

Major Internship and Practicum for All Quarters and Students 

IP200Associate Degree                                                                              

IP400Bachelors Degree                                                                     

IP500Masters Degree                                                                                 

IP600Doctorate Degree  


{IP may include: Preach-backs, trial sermons, teach-backs, student teachings, case studies, clinicals,community application, thesis presentations, oral defenses for dissertations, and research}