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East Coast National Headquarters- P. O. Box 3329

Westerville, Ohio, 43086

West Coast Headquarters- P. O. Box 152891

San Diego, California, 92115-9997

Toll Free Telephone Number and Fax (877) 852-7536

Student Registration and Enrollment Procedures


Total Cost $250

One-Time Non-Refundable Fee

A- Registration and Application Profile

Fee:             $50



-Financial Documents/Forms*

-Registration Packet         

*The following forms must be completed and returned with the one-time $50 registration and application fee {for Admissions processing} to the above address:


Submit Upon Registration

CRN-UGED101- Undergraduate Entry Data or

CRN-GED102- Graduate Entry Data

-The Application for Admission {AFA}- Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Registration and Enrollment Program Application

-The entry examination {SAE}- Student Assessment Examination with a statement of your "Doctrinal Belief Statement"

-C.E.U. Degree Program Recommendation Form #2029 

-Copies of your high school, college, or university transcripts

Upon completion of your AFA and SAE packets call the Admissions Office and schedule an interview with the Admissions Committee at (877) 852-7536 between 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.  Monday - Friday.

B- Intake and Admission Process and Profile

Fee:             $50


-A.P.S. Arno Profile System Instruction Form

-A.P.S. Arno Profile System Response Form*
-A.P.S. Scranton Card
-Admission Committee Interview Form and Processing
*A seven pages Arno Profile System Computerize printout will be generated within 14 days of student's inborn (God-Given) temperament 
C- Enrollment Confirmation Deposit and Assessment, Orientation, and Counseling New Students Fees
Fee:             $150

-A letter of decision from the Admissions Committee interview will be mailed directly to you

-C.E.U. Student Catalog 

-C.E.U. Enrollment and Orientation & Material                    

-C.E.U. Comprehensive General Orientation online course or Cisco WebEx webinar for distance, external, or home study CRN-GO111*  (or attend contact orientation class when scheduled)
-Within 14 days of enrollment and completion of the A.P.S. Personal Response Computer Printout
*Attend the Orientation Seminar or Institution Presentation Session scheduled/upon request

Other Required Data Collection and Financial Profiles

-Request your high school, college, university or vocational transcripts if you did not have them available at the Admission Committee interview.  A Form #2024 the Request for Transcript for Admission or Transfer to C.E.U. is available upon request at the Admissions Office.

-Prior credits must be verified by an official transcript or score report mailed directly to C.E.U.  If you are applying for the associate degree program you will need to request your high school transcript.

-A Declaration of Finances will be completed - Form #2030 during the enrollment process, which is developed to state and explain the cost per class credit unit and that you acknowledge the credit unit cost and other expenses that you will incur during your studies at C.E.U.

-Seek counseling for the organization of your Christian educational program and theological grids

Special note:

Each enrolled student will have: (a) a customized "major" degree grid, (b) a "Five-Fold Ministry Advanced Specialty Core Curriculum-Lower Division Electives supplemental grid"-Form #2014,* (c) a relevant college Curricula outline, and (d) facility assistance in devising an educational individual guidance plan for each students to reach their educational goals.

*C.E.U. offers a "Five-Fold MinistryAdvanced Specialty Core Curriculum-Lower Division Electives (usually 9-45 C.U. depending on degree program) to prepare each five-fold minister (Apostle, Prophet/prophetess, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher) for successful ministry. These courses are outlined for each student on the C.E.U. Official Supplemental-Form #2014, and are provided during the admission process. The Curricula by the Division of the Five-Fold Ministry are required courses.He


Enrollment Forms:

C.E.U. has a collaborative team working toward the success of the student/learner/minister

-#2015 Student Registration and Enrollment Procedures

-#2101 Official Institution Application for Admission {AFA}

-#2111 Official Student Assessment Examination {SAE}

-#2024 Request for Transcript for Admission or Transfer

-#2029 C.E.U. Degree Program Recommendation

-#2044 Enrollment Application to the College of Christian Counseling Programs

-#3003 Enrollment Application for Creation Therapy

-Official C.E.U. Student Catalog and Curriculum Programs