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Distance Learning Curriculum

The following curriculum is primary designed for distance, external, or correspondence studies, however; can be taken by student who are also completing their Christian Educational Program through local, contact, or ground studies by the following methods.


-Independent Studies, Book Research, and Comprehensive Written Projects

-Examination {open book and proctored}

Advanced Specialty Core Curriculum Courses


CRN Course Title_________________________________________________                           

TH421Dispensational Truth                                                                            

TH422The Godhead                                                                                                         

TH423Twelve Mysteries of God                                                     

TH424Greek I (Lesson I)                                                                  

TH425Greek I (Lesson 3)                                                                 

TH426Black Biblical Roots                                                             

TH427Black Biblical Roots                                                                             

TH428The Doctrine of God                                                                                             

TH520The Seven Churches of Asia                                                                               

TH322The Precious Priceless Blood                                                               

TH343Fundamental Doctrines of Christ                                       

PR222Effective Praise and Worship                                                              

ADM420Leadership Skills/Teambuilding                     

ADM421Goal Setting                                                                                        

ADM422Church Administration and Management                                   

ADM423 Leadership and Communication Seminars                 

ART421Christian Drama                                                                                 

HIST420Ecclesiology I                                                                                     

MINE422Evangelistic Outreach Strategies                                                   

MIND420The Degree's Of Christian Ministry                                              

IAUPHIL620The Philosophy of Paul                            

PROP420Introduction to Bible Prophecy

COM422Effective Speaking and Voice Control

THREL420 Comparative Religions

EIS631Left Behind I Video

EIS632Left Behind II Video (Tribulation Force)



EIS635The Apocalypse Video

EIS636Revelation Video

EIS637Deceived Video

COUIS631Obsessive-CompulsiveDisorder Video

COUIS632Basic Christian Counseling Video

COU IS663Creation Therapy Course and Video S.A.C.C.  (Also, see Catalog Curriculum Creation Therapy page)

COUIS634Mastering Your Emotions and Textbook: Winning the Battle of the Mind

COUTOP640 T.O.P. THE olive PRESS with workbook/independent study

COMSL631Sign Language -Level I Video

COMSL632Sign Language -Level II Video (Religious Signs and Sign Names)

HISISE630Esther Video

HISISS630Solomon Video

THEIS142The Passion of the Christ Video

Advanced Specialty Core Curriculum Courses 


Independent Studies, Book Research, and Testing Projects

CRNCourse Title_____________________________________________________________

THBP133The Revelation of Jesus Christ

THBP1600General Bible Knowledge ETA Textbook       

THBP1600General Bible Knowledge Textbook and Workbook Examination

THBP1600General Bible Knowledge 500 Questions Eqivalency/Entrance Examination

Old Testament Survey Part I (Genesis-Esther)

Old Testament Survey Part II (Job-Malachi)

New Testament Survey Part III

THIS221The Apostolic Church/Ministry

THIS222The Principle of the Doctrine of the Apostolic Faith

THIS223Light for Living Home Bible Study -An Introduction to the Bible Quizzes

THISES130The Book of Esther Test Booklet-Research Of the book of Esther

THISMA120The Gospel of St. Matthew-(Detail Study of the gospel of Matthew by the Life of Christ)

THIS121The Apostolic Ministry Test

MINIS120Nurturing the New Convert

MINIS121Help for the Minister's Wife "Know Your ABC's"

MINIS122Personal and Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare

MINIS133Leadership Promises for Everyday

EBP131Eschatology- The Basic Guide to

EBP133Left Behind- Novel



EBP134Are We Living in the End Times?

EBP135The Antichrist is Born -Rising Before They Were Left Behind

EBP136Glorious Appearing - The End of Days

EBP137The Secret on Ararat

DEM138When The Enemy Strikes - The Keys to winning Your Spiritual Battles

THBP134The Passion of Jesus Christ

THBP135Experiencing the Passion of Jesus

THBP136Job- A Man of Heroic Endurance


Independent Studies - Communication Series

COMLE431Effective Listening

COMLE432Effective Writing Reports and Essay

COMLE433Interpersonal Dynamics Leadership

COMLE434Communication for Leaders

COMLE435Effective Writing Thesis and Dissertation


ETA Course Studies {ETA Studies are 3 C.U. earnings}

Bible Theology




Ministry Skills


EDUC332The Church at Study/Sunday School Ministry

EDUC333Teaching Techniques

EDUC334Church Educational Ministries More Than Sunday School

EDUC630VBS and Other Summer Ministries

MINSM430Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity

MINMW530Understanding Music and Worship in the Local Church


Outreach and Evangelism Skills

MIN630Beyond Reasonable Doubt

MIN632World Missions Today

MINEV633Your Ministry of Evangelism


Leadership Skills

ADMEL330 Effectively Leading: A Guide for All Church Leaders

HISTPER530 Perspective from Church History

COUPEO630 Understanding People

ARTRELETH630 Christian Ethics


ICBT/AMT Course Materials: {ICBT/AMT courses - C.U. from 1-6}

BNT 110Between the Testaments

BTH 106Bible Doctrines

BPA 111Foundations of Faith/Studies in Learning

BTH 241Introduction to Bible Theology I

BTH 252Introduction to Bible Theology II

MIS  111Introduction to Personal Evangelism

CED 111Lift Management God's Way

BNT 100New Testament Survey

BOT 111Old Testament Survey I

BOT 122Old Testament Survey II

BPA 120Praise Life

BPA 131Prayer I (Types and Necessities)

BPA 260Awareness of Church Government

BPA 222Faith II

BNT 215General Epistles

BPA 230God's Authority in the Believer

BNT 214New Testament Studies I (Gospels)

BTH 101Obedience

BOT 121Old Testament Studies I (Pent.)

BOT 232Old Testament Studies II (History)

BPA 240Preparation for Ministry I (Armor-bearer and Attitudes)

BPA 250Preparation for Ministry II (Helps and Motivational Gifts)

BTH 121Systematic Theology I

BTH 221Systematic Theology II

BNT 300Acts

BPR 333Bible Prophecy

CED 211Christian Education I

BPA 370Homiletics

BTH 351New Testament Church History I

BTH 362New Testament Church History II

BOT 333Old Testament Studies III / Books of Poetry

BNT 311Pauline Epistles I

BNT 321Romans I

BNT 332Romans II

BTH 341Spiritual Warfare I

BTH 343Systematic Theology III

BPA 360Christian Ethics and Morality

BTH 381Christ our Healer

MIS 340Comparative Religions

BNT 431Ephesians

BNT 430Hebrews          

BTH 470Holy Spirit

BOT 444Old Testament Studies IV (Major Prophets)

BOT 455Old Testament Studies V (Minor Prophets)

BNT 422Pauline Epistles II

BPA 342Prayer II

BTH 422Spiritual Warfare II

BPA 460Working of the Five-Fold Ministry

BTH 490Blood Covenant

CCS 310Christian Counseling 100

CCS 410Christian Counseling 200

BPA 333Faith III (Nature of Faith)

BPA 444Faith IV

ADM 311Leadership in Ministry I

ADM 422Leadership in Ministry II

BNT 325Life of Christ

BPA 232Living Epistles

BOT 230Old Testament People of Faith

BPA 353Understanding Prayer

BTH 460Biblical Hermeneutics